New Construction Pest Control Systems in Sorrento, FL

New Construction Pest Control Systems in Central Florida

You've been dreaming of your new property for a while now—don't let household pests compromise your dream. Here at PestGuard, we offer a range of new construction pest control systems to ensure that your new house doesn't become a new home for those annoying pests. Builders and homeowners trust us for innovative methods to build pest control systems right into a new home. We also offer pre-construction soil treatments, Bora-Care treatments, and soil treatments for home additions and pools. Call now for more information.

In-Wall Tube Systems

Families appreciate our in-wall pest control systems as they keep pest-controlling materials contained inside the walls, far from kids, pets, and visitors. Additionally, the exterior injection ports are located outside your home, allowing for easy access by our licensed technicians. This means that there is no inconvenience to you or your family when service is required.

We install our in-wall tube systems during the framing stage of home construction. The tubes are installed in all exterior and wet walls of the home—where pests live and breed—with a port attached to the outside of the home. Upon completion, you'll have the most convenient form of pest control available.

We are one of the few companies who install these in-wall tube systems in new homes. Additionally, we have the skills and expertise to service any tube systems that we or another company has previously installed.

Under-Slab Tube Systems

Termites are known for getting into areas that are hard to reach and treat. Our under-slab tube systems involve the installation of tubes under the concrete home foundation and around all plumbing. This ensures access to those hard-to-reach areas, thereby preventing expensive alternative treatments down the line.

Bora-Care & Timbor Treatments

Bora-Care is one of the best-known names when it comes to an alternative to soil treatment; we recommend it as an addition to a traditional soil treatment. Depend on us to treat your new building to prevent costly termite infestations in the future.

Timbor is an industry-leading wood preservative, insecticide, and fungicide. We use it to prevent infestations of wood-eating insects, including termites.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

PestGuard offers pre-construction soil treatments or custom packages that offer our PestGuard Tube Systems in addition to the soil treatment. When homebuilders use PestGuard as a standard feature in all homes, they get many benefits, which saves them money.

In-Wall Tube Systems in Sorrento, FLPest Control Systems in Sorrento, FL